Get Your Bagpipes to Sound Great in the Zoom Classroom

Playing bagpipes on Zoom is not problem and you can get amazing sound with just a few simple tweaks to Zoom's default settings. Be sure to follow this step by step and test your setup to ensure you are ready for prime time. (Updated Sep. 8th, 2020 with today's Zoom Update)

9 Simple Steps:

First, if you have not already, please create a free Zoom account by clicking here. Then, download the program as prompted, and once installed proceed with the steps below. If you already have Zoom downloaded, check to make sure it's the latest version!

  1. Open a zoom meeting
  2. Join with Computer Sound
  3. In the lower left-hand corner, find the Microphone Icon. Then, click on the up arrow.
  4. Click on Audio Settings (bottom of the menu)
  5. UNCHECK "Automatically adjust microphone volume" and drag the slider to the FAR to the left. Set the round ball no more than 1/4 of the way up.
  6. Ensure "Suppress background noise" is set to LOW.
  7. Next, click on Advanced (towards the bottom right of this window)
  8. Check the box to enable "Show in-meeting option to "enable Original Sound".
  9. Echo Cancellation should be on Auto
  10. Check the box to Enable "High Fidelity Music Mode"

Ensuring you have great audio:

  1. Every time you open Zoom to play bagpipes, you should check the top left of the screen. There is a button that will show either "Turn On Original Sound" or "Turn Off Original Sound". You want it to display "Turn OFF Original Sound" (meaning it's on).
  2. Check that box every time you log on for a Zoom session.

Testing your own Audio:

When you're in your own meeting on your free account, it's easy to sound-check your bagpipes to make sure they sound good.

  1. Follow all steps above.
  2. Hit the Record button and record to your computer.
  3. Play your bagpipes - not too close to the microphone! If at all possible, stand 8-12 feet away while playing.
  4. Stop the recording and wait for it to process.
  5. Listen to the recording and make sure it sounds like a lovely bagpipe, without any cutting out, fading, clipping, or general audio issues. Playback should sound nice with your volume around 50 - 75% of max. Where you'd normally listen to music.
  6. If you experience any issues go back to Step 5 of the 9 Simple Steps and move the slider lower.

A Video Walkthrough:

Important Details!

When in a Dojo U Zoom class - ALWAYS wear headphones. This ensures the best experience!

When playing bagpipes in a zoom classroom - DON'T STAND TOO CLOSE TO YOUR MICROPHONE! Pretend your computer/microphone is a human - where should it sit so it gets the best overall listening experience?

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