Duncan M. - Phase 2 - Kathleen Gillies

Greetings Duncan!
This is quite solid work, and I see no reason not to move on from here. Keep the notes below in mind over the next few weeks of practice. You're in it now Duncan!

Phase 2 Result: 11/11 Requirements Achieved

Metronome Clearly Audible? Yes
"Best" Tempo Selection? Yes
Rhythm/Note-values understood? Yes
Rhythms accurate to the click of the metronome? Yes

Overall Rhythm Comments from Timothy Gatehouse:
A few gracenotes are starting a fine hair ahead, or more often at the front of the click but not always. Once you settled into the tune, you got a lot more accurate. This is progress! Keep it in mind that our gracenotes are the "first sound" of a note change, similar to the pluck of a guitar, so the should not precede the note change, if that makes sense? @Timothy-Gatehouse

Correct Melody Notes? Yes
Hole Coverage Good? Yes
Crossing Noises? No
Correct Gracenotes? Yes
Missed Gracenotes? No
Gracenotes Too Big/Sloppy? No
Gracenotes Out of Sync? No

Overall Basic Melody Comments from Timothy Gatehouse:
Quite good navigation, with very few troubles. One or two hints of rolling crossing noises, on the way up to High A, but nothing overt. Listen back for those and keep an eye on your fingers in a mirror. Nine times out of ten, your E/F/G fingers will be at slightly different heights than your thumb. Gracenote size is a tad chunky, but within tolerance at this stage. A little GDE practice should be just the ticket to shave those down into that Infinitely Small and Percussive effect we're looking to achieve. @Timothy-Gatehouse

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