Day 10 of Dojo U Christmas: A Medieval Musical Feast

If you thought some of the other tunes we've gifted were oldies... just wait until you get a taste of this one!

Veni Veni Emmanuel (O Come Emmanuel) is a simply beautiful hymn, which sounds almost medieval... because it most likely is! Thought to date to as early as the 8th century, the first written version of the tune was recorded in 1710 in Cologne, and has been a popular Christmas hymn in Europe, the UK, and the US ever since.

Like many older tunes, this one sounds absolutely spectacular on pipes – so we hope you enjoy trying it out using this sheet music from today's gift!

Click the image below to enlarge the music.

It's part of our Beginner's Tutor, which is included in all Dojo U membership levels – if you're not yet a Dojo U member, we'd love to have you join us!

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