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  • Bagpipe Beginner Core Courses

    Bagpipe Beginner Core Courses

    Just starting out learning to play the bagpipes? Want to make sure your pipes are "ready to wear in outer space" and perfectly calibrated by brushing up on bagpipe setup and maintenance? Looking to go "back to basics" to refresh your rhythm fundamentals? Check out our acclaimed Beginner's Tutor, Transitioning to the Bagpipes Course, Rhythm…

  • Bagpipe Intermediate / Advanced Core Courses

    Bagpipe Intermediate / Advanced Core Courses

    Ready to brush up on your embellishments or instrument maintenance? Interested in learning more about ancient piping, or writing your own new tunes? Check out our Fingerwork Fundamentals, Instrument Fundmentals, Composition, and Piobaireachd courses.

  • Bagpipe Success Plan Courses

    Bagpipe Success Plan Courses

    Do you have a specific topic or issue you want to dive deep on? These shorter courses tackle specific bagpipe topics and are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to take rapid action to solve common piping problems, ranging from practical skills like tuning, sight-reading, and tying in hide bags, to planning,…

  • Drumming Courses

    Drumming Courses

    Ready to pick up the sticks? Check out our Dojo Snare Drumming Tutor courses, which are designed to guide you through from first holding your drumsticks all the way to finally donning the harness and drum itself. All five chapters cover valuable info about rhythmic precision as you learn to play the snare drum.

  • PDQB Prep Courses

    PDQB Prep Courses

    Do you want to earn globally recognised certificates in piping or drumming? The Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board (PDQB) offers 8 levels of Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) accredited courses. Our PDQB preparatory courses help you find the right entry level for you and guide you through what you'll need to prepare for each exam. 

  • The Great Algorithm - Bagpipe Tuning Suite

    The Great Algorithm - Bagpipe Tuning Suite

    This tuning suite offers every imaginable resource to help you hone your tuning skills, including theory and practical course materials, master bagpiper tuning interviews, a 20-day repeatable plan for developing your tuning, and more.

  • Weekly Mission, Portfolio, and Freedom Phases

    Weekly Mission, Portfolio, and Freedom Phases

    Master piping habits with the 11 Commandments of Mastery, find weekly Tune of the Week materials and submission links in the 5 Phases of Bagpipe Freedom, get Daily Doses of varied exercises, and keep track of your piping achievements in your Piper's Portfolio.

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