Calling Poly Piping Peeps!

Do you have a set of poly pipes?  What is the best set up if they are your primary set or your backups?

Listen in as Andrew and Carl discuss their recommendations for poly piping peeps!

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Video Transcription:

Kenyon says, "Questions for my poly piping peeps," these are people that play poly pipes. "What bag do you use, hide, synthetic, hybrid? Moisture control, more than just a simple water trap, is it needed? Other got-yous or thoughts for playing poly pipes?" He got a shot at a set of poly pipes as a second set. Less maintenance is better. They will be his traveling pipes, rainy pipes and possible loaner pipes. For his African blackwood, he's wisely only used hide bags, loved them all. For moisture control, he has used the bananas, but lately he's been going naked and getting by with it, which you can. Good job, glad to hear you've been going naked.

That's a tough question, because there's a couple of considerations, at least in my mind, for the poly pipes. They are, at least in my opinion, more likely to have some moisture issues. Because the poly pipes themselves don't absorb any moisture, I find that they fill up with moisture a little bit faster. With that in mind, especially because this is going to be a second set that you use in rainy days and maybe not all that often, I'd have to go with a synthetic bag.

I would probably personally put a simple water trap in it. I don't know that anything more than that's really necessary, unless you are having significant moisture problems because you were playing in rainy parades every other day. Then, sure, bananas are fine. They don't make your pipes sound great, but if you really, really need it, but I would challenge that thought, I don't think you really need it, a simple water trap, a hybrid bag. Yeah, you're going to get your same, about 45 minutes of stable play. After that, the reeds are going to get soaked, but that's what it is to play bagpipes.

I think if it's a backup set, that means you're not playing it that often, which means you want a synthetic bag, simple water trap. Now, as soon as you get to the point where you're playing that set often, then put a hide bag on it and now you're playing it often. The hide bag will handle moisture slightly better. Then, maybe you do some more moisture control stuff, if you want, if you start to play that often. As long as it's a second set, keep it simple. Make sure that it's not a setup that requires additional maintenance, because you're not going to want to do it on your secondary set.

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