Angel Martinez: A Goose in the Room

My whole family is very good at music except me, so I wanted to learn something so we could all have a common interest. Bagpipes were the only thing that stood out as something I wanted to learn, instead of something I forced myself to do.

I was striving to play for my family and maybe my community. I had no other goals.

My original interest came when I had to play as a Scottish shepherd in a play accent and a kilt was required. That is the I first came across bagpipes. I know some people say they make a terrible noise, but I loved how they sounded from day 1.

I am not a quick learner so I have been and still do have trouble learning the notes which sometimes can make me frustrated and not want to practice, which just makes it harder to learn said notes. When I was practicing my chanter I made a very unusual sound! A few seconds later my friend walked in and said he thought he heard a goose in the room.

I was trying to find an instructor in my town but there was no one except a bagpiping band that travels around. When I contacted them about lessons, they recommended Dojo U.

There are hundreds of people to help me with my problems here, and with the Zoom classes I will be able to get the commentary that I need to become a decent piper.

I am not a confident person, but with my chanter I am able to show confidence that I have an idea on what I am doing. I do feel proud of what I accomplished with my chanter.

Angel Martinez, Michigan, United States

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