Andy M. - Phase 2 - CurlewA

Greetings Andy! Nicely done! I have a couple of thoughts below, but for now I will let the numbers do the talking! Drop me a note on Discord if you have any questions!

Phase 2 Result: 11/11 Requirements Achieved

Metronome Clearly Audible? Yes
"Best" Tempo Selection? Yes
Rhythm/Note-values understood? Yes
Rhythms accurate to the click of the metronome? Yes

Overall Rhythm Comments from Timothy:
Nice control of rhythm. Consistently playing to the click, and nice off-beat accuracy as well. One or two small front-of-the-click moments, sure-sure, but those were microscopic, and this was a very pleasant listen. Cheers! @Timothy-Gatehouse

Correct Melody Notes? Yes
Hole Coverage Good? Yes
Crossing Noises? No
Correct Gracenotes? Yes
Missed Gracenotes? No
Gracenotes Too Big/Sloppy? No
Gracenotes Out of Sync? No

Overall Basic Melody Comments from Timothy:
I only heard one or two slight moments with regard to hole coverage, and they were not in the same spot. Keeping your fingers loose enough that they cover the holes, yet tight enough to be snappy is the forever-quest, isn't it? Keep working at gracenote size. The more crisp the better! Totally within reason here though! This said, I have no problem calling this a pass, so long as you promise to keep an eye on those wee squeaks 😉 This was really good work, and we'll see you in Phase 3

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