Alan Wardrop: Connecting During Covid

When I was a lad, the school I attended had a pipe band. Almost on a whim I decided I wanted to have a go at it. After leaving school I just wanted to play in a band and compete. Originally my piano teacher suggested I take up a wind instrument.  She was right!  Once I tried the pipes, I caught the bug.

I pretty much stopped playing in my 30's, having no where to practice and having moved away from the band.  I had difficulty playing poorly maintained pipes leading to a downward spiral.

I stopped playing for quite a while but I saw a notification of a Dojo Session that interested me started with a free trial.  It was great and it rekindled my enthusiasm!

The Dojo has a large repository of experience providing a supplement to my current private teacher. Especially during Covid lockdown, the Dojo has been a contact with the real world both improving my piping and my sense of wellbeing.

Alan W from Cardiff, UK

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